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Headquarters: Barót
Operating field: Social
Mailing address: 525 100 Freedom Road No. 2 Barót
Phone: +40267378835
E-mail: hfontosak@gmail.com
Contact person, office manager: Eva Demeter Barbara
Phone: +40748807850
E-mail: dvilibaba@gmail.com
The organization partners constant: Guild
Volunteers: 6
Number of employees: 3
The organization’s mission and objectives:
Day care procure a moderate or multiply impaired children and young people. Our goal is organizing a program that facilitates the integration of disabled young people into society
The organization’s major events and projects:
• carnival
• Easter Fair
• Children’s Day
• Daily Barót Fair
• Summer camp
• Autumn Fair
• Christmas market
• Mini New Year’s Eve for the children and young people

Tax ID: 15288344
Bank account: RO06 RNCB 0124 0089 9749 0001 Bank: BCR AG Baraolt